11-13 October 2022 | Virtual

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PV CellTech Extra will be a combination of live and on-demand sessions. Each day at 8am BST presentations will be made available to pre-registered attendees, these can be listened to at any time. At 9am BST we will hear from Finlay Colville live, giving an update on technology and speaking to experts on PV cell technology, the recording will then be made available for premium ticket holders.

To participate as a speaker please contact us asap.

 - 09:00 BST

Live presentation from Finlay Colville

, Head of Market Research
, PV-Tech & Solar Media Ltd
 - 23:00 BST
  • Understand how TOPCon has evolved into the leading candidate to replace p-mono PERC as the mainstream solar cell technology in production.
  • Which companies are at the forefront of TOPCon expansions to the 10-20 GW level today?
  • How much efficiency gain is provided by TOPCon today, compared to state-of-the-art p-mono PERC in volume production? And how much headroom is left for further TOPCon efficiency gains?
  • Is TOPCon specific to cell producers in China; how are module assembly companies globally addressing module supply to the market using third-party TOPCon cells bought in?
, Deputy Director, Center for High Efficiency Solar Cell
, Trina Solar
, Fraunhofer ISE
 - 23:00 BST
Fireside Chat, On-demand

Listen to a special fireside chat with two of the leading experts in solar PV R&D and technology-transfer, looking at how R&D breakthroughs have evolved in the past 40 years and been fed into GW-scale mass production facilities.


  • Learn about the history of PV technology and R&D activity from two of the most respected leaders in the sector over the few decades
  • Understand the timelines and challenges to implement high-efficiency cell concepts into mass production
  • Find out which technologies are likely to be key to cell performance improvements going out to 2030
, Scientia Professor
, University of New South Wales (UNSW)
, Founder, Managing Director
, Amrock