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Frequently Asked Questions

Before the event:

Q) How does the meeting tool work?

A) The meeting tool can be found in the event app. Instructions for the app will be emailed to all event participants before the conference. Only authorised delegates have access to the meeting tool.

Q) Where can I view the agenda?

A) The agenda can be viewed on the individual event website, under the ‘Programme’ or ‘Agenda’ tab. You can also find a copy of the agenda in the conference brochure download and through our event App.

Q) Where is the conference held?

A) Information about the conference’s location can be found under the ‘Venue’ tab. If the venue has not yet been confirmed, you can contact a member of the team for more information.

Q) Are there hotel discounts available?

A) Some event venues offer discounted hotel rooms for attendees. Check the venue information tab on the specific event website.

Q) How can I get a VISA invitation letter?

A) VISA letters can only be provided to participants once the payment has been made. Once confirmation of participation has been received, please contact the event’s marketing manager (details found on contact page) and they will supply you with the letter.

Q) What’s the easiest way to get to the conference venue?

A) We always try our best to make the conferences accessible for as many of our participants as possible. Information on getting to the venue can be found on the ‘Venue’ page of the event website or in the event App.

At the event:

What time does the conference start?

A) Conference start times vary per event, but registration usually commences at 8/8.30am. More information can be found in the programme or event App.

Q) What’s the Wi-Fi password?

A) The Wi-Fi password will differ for each conference and venue but can usually be found at the registration desk.

Q) How do we get our badges?

A) Badges will be available for collection upon arrival at the registration desk.

Q) Can I share my ticket?

A) Unless you have specifically requested a flexi-ticket, which comes at a different rate, you will not be able to share your ticket.

After the event:

How/When can I get a copy of the presentations?

A) Speaker presentations will be available after the conference has taken place and versions at the speaker’s discretion. They will only be made available for conference attendees and will be accessible once the feedback survey has been completed.

Q) Can you put me in touch with someone I met at the event?

A) Unfortunately, we are unable to release contact details of any of our event participants. The opportunity to connect with participants will be made available via the event app.

Q) Can I get the delegate list?

A) Only sponsors who have the delegate list included in their package will receive the full attendee list. There is a copy of the sample attendee list on the downloads section of the conference website, which is available to anyone. Lists of attendees can be found in the event app to facilitate onsite networking.

Q) Can I get a refund if I don’t make it?

A) As per the terms & conditions, we do not issue a refund for being unable to make the conference. In certain circumstances, a delegate ticket may be transferred to a different event.


Q) Where do I report when I arrive?

A) Please make your way to the registration desk where a member of the team will be waiting to sign you in.

Q) Do I need to bring a copy of my presentation?

A) Please email a copy to the conference producer before the event, but please also bring a backup on USB to the live event.

Q) Can I make changes to my presentation once I have submitted it?

A) Yes, bring the latest version of your presentation to the event on a USB stick and see the on-site producer.

Q) Can I have a copy of the other presentations?

A) Yes, as a speaker, even as a guest, you will receive everything that delegates receive.

Q) Can I redact my presentation for dissemination to event attendees after the event takes place?

A) Please send a redacted version of your presentation to the conference producer ASAP after the event and let the producer know that you wish to alter the presentation you delivered at the event during the event to avoid the incorrect version being distributed.


Q) When can I set up my exhibition stand?

A) On some instances, the venue will allow set up from the evening before. To confirm this, please contact your account manager or the operations manager for the event.

Q) Can I email all the delegates before the event starts to promote my product?

A) Email addresses and personal contact details are protected under our privacy rules. In some cases there are additional sponsorship options that may include pre-promotion of your product and/or service. Contact the sponsorship team if you are interested.

Q) Can I bring along my marketing colleagues to staff my booth without buying a ticket?

A) Every attendee of the event must be ticketed. In your sponsorship package, you will have a set number of tickets allocated to your company, if you would like or require more, please speak to our sponsorship team who can arrange discounted tickets.

Q) Can I invite my clients for free to attend the event?

A) Depending on the level of your sponsorship package, you may have a set number of tickets allocated to your company, if you would like or require more, please speak to our sponsorship team who can arrange discounted tickets.

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